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Sarah Flanagan Silcott and Katie Winner collaborating on a client project.

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For the Win Communications frequently partners with Flanagan Silcott LLC to provide robust client services in digital marketing.

Katie Winner, founder of For the Win Communications, LLC.

Katie Winner

Katie Winner is the founder and owner of For the Win Communications. Katie uses her MBA and years of community building, event planning and advocacy experience in the education space to inform her digital communications and marketing work.

Katie lives in Arvada, Colorado with her husband, two sons, and rescue dog Matches. In her free time, Katie coaches ice hockey, is active in the local community and tries to get back to her native New York as often as possible. 

Sarah Flanagan Silcott 
Platt Park

Sarah Flanagan Silcott

Sarah Flanagan Silcott has more than a decade of experience in marketing and branding, winning her clients over 120 national awards.  Utilizing her theatrical background, Sarah conducts in-depth character studies on all of her clients. She puts herself if your shoes, your clients’ shoes, and your competitors’ shoes and makes sure you walk with confidence. 

Sarah lives in Platt Park in Denver, Colorado with her husband and daughter. She loves going to the park and library with her little one and watching a ton of Netflix (don’t judge, you love it too). 

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